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Stockton House

Conversion and extension of a former manor house into an impressive office space with conferencing facilities.

Project value Phase 1 – £1.2 million / Phase 2 – £1.5 million
Client Wigley Investment Holdings
Architect Threesixty Architecture
Engineer Fairhurst
Programme Phase 1 – 15 months / Phase 2 – 10 months
Form of procurement   Negotiated
Form of contract   JCT Design & Build

Once a lavish country home, Stockton House has undergone extensive refurbishment since it was purchased in 2018 to transform it into a headquarters for Wigley Investment Holdings and many of its businesses. Non residential construction Midlands is an area the Tyto team are passionate about and this project was a long but rewarding one.

Formerly known as Kings House, the grand old Manor House was previously used for residential purposes, but the building was in an extremely poor state of repair.

This £1.2 million conversion began in 2018 and saw large areas reroofed and facades repaired, while the interior was completely refinished, adding services such as heating and air conditioning to bring it up to standards suitable for a workplace.

Extensive re-waterproofing of the basement and walls had to be carried out and complete rewiring and re-plumbing was required to ensure the premises met the needs of an office, which included the provision of communal facilities such as toilets and a canteen. This non residential construction Midlands project required extensive work, which was carried out over the course of several months.

The historic nature of the period property also had to be respected and reflected in the design, such as retaining original sash windows and shutters, and maintaining and enhancing the original timber work such as the door frames.

While this conversion finished at the end of 2018 and provided a new home for Wigley Investment Holdings, the final piece of the puzzle commenced in 2022 with a £1.67m expansion project.

This partial refurbishment and part new-build project added new office space for up to 15 people, a conferencing and community facility for up to 120 people (standing), created a new café and toilets, and a further 30 car park spaces outside. With any non residential construction Midlands project, the requirements were clear and the Tyto team had a clear understanding of what was required.

As this task involved working in a live office, disruption had to be kept to a minimum. This was also logistically tricky as the site required cranes to carry material into the existing courtyard.

The courtyard was transformed into one of the key features of the expansion, helping to link the old structure with the new. This involved refurbishing it with a new timber-framed enclosed cloister and adding detailing including porcelain tiles, cobbles and fixed seating. Connected to it was an impressive two-storey timber-frame new-build, which included bi-fold partitions that enabled it to be used flexibly or as one large conferencing space capable of holding 90 people seated or 120 standing.

The 10-month expansion project added 2,915 sq ft of space overall, which improved facilities for staff and visitors, gave a historic building a new lease of life and provided modern offices, which would allow the company to continue its growth for decades to come. This phase concluded this non residential construction Midlands project and created a welcoming environment for both employees and visitors alike.

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