Tyto Contracting Limited works across the whole construction life cycle.

Regulatory compliance and industry best practice is engrained in the rigorous processes and procedures that are in place across each stage of this.

As a Principal Contractor, it is vital that those completing work on our projects do so to the same high standards as we do. Our detailed subcontractor, consultant and supplier onboarding process allows us to only work with technical experts that meet this requirement, providing a product and service that is in line with the ethos of the company.

The company understands that being compliant in all areas and stringently managing risk across the business is imperative to ensure that all staff and contractors leave site safely at the end of each day.

Tyto Contracting Limited is certificated to ISO 45001, 14001 and 9001. This means that the company’s integrated health and safety, environmental; and quality management systems are not only rigorously audited internally by our compliance team, but also externally which ensures impartial audits by subject area experts.

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