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Tyto Contracting Limited: A Dynamic Principal Contractor

Tyto Contracting Limited is a dynamic principal contractor operating across the UK, specialising in new build and refurbishment projects in the commercial sector and beyond. Renowned in the industry, we are committed to unlocking the potential of property and people, creating lasting value on behalf of the Wigley family.

Our team is composed of highly experienced construction professionals, led by Director Charles Hicks, and they excel at reducing costs and maximising value at every stage. Our dedication to excellence and innovation ensures we deliver exceptional results on every project.

A Triple-Standard Principal Contractor

As a triple-standard principal contractor, Tyto Contracting Limited excels in comprehensive project delivery. Through effective collaboration, waste reduction and innovation, we offer a fresh approach to contracting that enhances value for our customers. Our collaborative efforts involve working closely with clients, partners and stakeholders to ensure that each project meets and exceeds expectations.

By reducing waste, we not only cut costs but also contribute to more sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices. Innovation drives us to adopt the latest technologies and methodologies, ensuring that our projects are at the forefront of industry advancements.

Our strong reputation for delivering high-quality outcomes and a positive customer experience has consistently earned us awards and recognition. This reputation is built on our ability to deliver projects on time, within budget and to the highest standards of quality and safety. Each project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, from initial planning through to delivery.

Committed To Collaboration & Innovation

Tyto Contracting Limited is a collaborative, innovative, hardworking, entrepreneurial, professional and reliable business. We create value for our business, people, partners, customers, and community. We invest in our skilled team, offering structured and supported career paths and new opportunities for graduates and experienced professionals.

Training and development are core to the Tyto ethos. We believe in nurturing our staff and supporting them throughout their careers. Headquartered at Stockton House, a 19th-century manor house in Warwickshire, Tyto provides a serene environment for our team. Our facilities foster seamless collaboration, which is vital to our success.

Ensuring Safety & Compliance

With a solid foundation in property, development and construction, Tyto Contracting Limited is highly experienced in compliance areas, including health and safety, and environmental matters. We are committed to meeting and exceeding legal and industry standards. We ensure safe working conditions for all employees and anyone impacted by our activities by actively managing and mitigating foreseeable hazards. Continuous monitoring, re-evaluation and training are integral to our ethos.

Our ISO 45001:2018 certification in health and safety underscores our commitment to protecting our workforce and partners while fostering ongoing improvement.

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